Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common human malignancy, and accounts for nearly 80% of all non melanoma skin cancers. Several morphologic and histologic variants of BCC have been reported. Linear pigmented basal cell carcinoma is a distinct and rare morphological variant. The first case was described by Lewis in 1985, and since then only 37 cases have been reported. The most common site is the periorbital region, especially the lower eyelid and malar region, and they were followed by cervical and trunk. The main of our case is to report a new case of linear pigmented basal cell carcinoma developed in the shoulder, which is a rare localization.

A 57-year-old man with no pathologic history had a linear pigmented lesion with onset 1 year earlier, on the right shoulder. The patient reported the notion of manipulation of a papule at the same site before the symptomatology. Clinical examination found a linear pigmented plaque measuring 4 cm, well limited, with erosions and crusts at its center. The differential diagnosis was essentially linear angiokeratomas. Dermoscopy revealed ovoid nests, a peripheral digitiform aspect, telangiectasia and arborizating vascularization and central ulceration, with no pigmented network. The diagnosis of pigmented basal cell carcinoma was confirmed by histology, which showed tumor proliferation of basaloid cells, arranged in palisaded cords, basophilic and sometimes pigmented cytoplasm, and retraction slits. Surgical excision with margins was performed, with histological study concluding a nodular and pigmented basal cell carcinoma, with healthy margins. No recurrence had occurred after 2 years of follow up.

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