Sex addiction divides expert opinion, but for some people it is a very real condition that can be shameful and even “life-destroying”. As relationship charity Relate calls for help to be made available on the NHS, two sufferers speak about the impact it has had on their lives.
What is sex addiction?
Relate defines sexual addiction as any sexual activity that feels “out of control”.
The Association for the Treatment of Sex Addiction and Compulsivity says its number of sex therapists has doubled in the past five years to 170.
A questionnaire completed by 21,058 people since 2013 on the Sex Addiction Help website revealed 91% of those seeking help for sex addiction were male.
The largest age group of 31% was aged 26-35, 1% were under 16 and 8% over 55.
The World Health Organization is expected to approve the inclusion of “compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” in its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) list in May 2019.

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