In an age where swipe right means like, a divorce lawyer to the stars says couples should ask 10 ‘critical’ questions before embarking on a relationship.

Baroness Shackleton, who represented Sir Paul McCartney among others, and University of Exeter academics have collaborated on a study, which looks at the key questions potential lovers should ask one another before embarking on a serious relationship.

According to the survey, which took evidence from long-term couples, family lawyers and mediators, relationships last longer when built on friendship, respect, shared interests and realistic expectations.

The survey comes as reality TV show Love Island has become ITV2’s most watched show.

Viewers have become obsessed with how compatible the couples are, the sincerity of the relationships formed, and which duos are likely to go the distance – after the cameras stop rolling.

Antics on Love Island have ruffled the feathers of many, with some arguing it gives bad relationship advice to impressionable audiences – showing men and women quick to swap and change their partners when they believe someone else better fits the script.

The dynamics on the show change from day to day as challenges are set for the “islanders”, testing their compatibility and knowledge of each other.

The lie detector test challenge, which asks uncomfortable questions which can make or break the relationship, is a popular example of this.

Maybe the show, now in its last week, is on to something?

Baroness Shackleton says asking the right questions early on can save a lot of time and heartache.

Shackleton, who has been a divorce lawyer for more than 40 years, says: “More than 50% of the people consulting me about divorce have said they realised either before or very soon into their marriages, that they were fundamentally incompatible with their partners.”

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