Seonag MacKinnon was unaware she had a “mark” on the back of her thigh when she went for a Mother’s Day massage at a beautician’s in Edinburgh. She had been given a voucher for the pamper treatment by her children. But when therapist Dominika Lachowicz found the suspicious mark on the back of her left thigh, she told Seonag to see her GP. The mark was on an area of her body that was out of sight, Seonag said. “It was dark and about one and a half inches long,” she said. “It was a bit like a bruise but not the shape you might expect.” “Dominika said that she was not a medic but thought it might be worth getting checked.” Seonag said she was “surprised” by the suggestion to go to the doctor but a few weeks later she saw her GP and was given an appointment with a dermatology consultant. She said: “Even when she referred me to a consultant I still saw it as a precautionary check. “But reality began to hit home when 10 minutes into the appointment, I found myself on an operating table.” The mark was the skin cancer, melanoma.

Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK and kills nearly 2,300 people each year. Seonag had an immediate operation to have the cancer cut out of her leg and went on to have further surgery a few weeks later. She said: “The consultant told me that I had been extraordinarily lucky, because the cancer was out of sight, it was highly likely that I would have been unaware of it until it had advanced further. “Melanoma is apparently the deadliest of skin cancers and it spreads very quickly. “The consultant said: ‘We could have been having a very different conversation just now. The therapist has saved your life. I hope you are thinking of buying her flowers’.”

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