Controversial, perplexing and fabulous – from Kim in Marilyn’s dress to a dramatic spray-on stunt, it’s been a wild year in fashion, writes Ellie Violet Bramley.

This year has been a rollercoaster – and fashion was no slouch in responding to our messy times. It lurched between moods of cosiness and glamour, austerity and extravagance, the futuristic and the nostalgic, the bizarre and the straight-laced.

It also reeled between the casual and the ready to go out-out, as we teetered between a post-pandemic desire to get dressed up and apply lots of lip gloss, and a more down-at-heel mood, a hangover from all those months in tracksuit bottoms. Put plainly, fashion in 2022 has been a heck of a ride. Here are the items and moments that might help to make some sense of the chaos:

If you were looking for an embodiment of fashion in 2022 you could do worse than look to Julia Fox, the Uncut Gems actor who became a household name – of sorts – this year. Although the competition is strong, one of her more surreal get-ups saw her take a single pair of jeans and cut them up to make a pair of extremely low-slung jeans and one slither of a crop top. By pairing them with an Alexander Wang bag, also made from a pair of jeans – the legs tied together to make the handle – and a pair of knee-high Alexander Wang boots made from… denim, she took the Canadian tuxedo, and amped it up several notches. A perplexing outfit from head-to-toe, it spoke to fashion’s love of someone willing to really run with a look. Julia Fox doesn’t care about “the rules of fashion,” says Katy Lubin, of fashion search platform Lyst. “And [she] has been wholeheartedly embraced by the fashion ecosystem as a result”.

Like an alcopop hangover, noughties fashions have continued to be huge in 2022, with Bella Hadid the poster girl as someone inexplicably able to pull off furry hats and wraparound sunglasses. From micro-miniskirts to bare midriffs, cargo pants to cut-outs and sparkly shoulder bags to jeans – the more low-slung the better – all things Y2K were firm favourites. Katie Holmes even had a go at resuscitating the dress over baggy jeans look. Lubin argues that the look is “popular with Gen Z shoppers who are inspired by the golden-era paparazzi shots of noughties it-girls emerging from nightclubs”. The Y2K mood is perhaps best appreciated by those too young to remember it the first time around.

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