Kyung-mi (not her real name) was mocked online, sneered at by social media bullies and interrogated for hours by police and prosecutors after accusing her K-pop star boyfriend of filming her while they were having sex. She was the victim of a digital sex crime but she told the BBC that “no one was there to listen”. “I was in school, young and very lonely. There was no one on my side,” she said. “I really wanted to die, but I couldn’t,” she told us. “If I died, no one would know the truth about Jung Joon-young.” Jung Joon-young rose to fame through a TV talent show and had a large base of K-pop fans across east Asia. Kyung-mi described him as an attentive, considerate boyfriend – until he filmed the couple having sex without her permission.

She first went to the police in August 2016, but she said officers failed to get hold of his phone and she eventually dropped the case. She knew bringing charges against a high profile figure would be tough but she didn’t expect to be treated like the accused rather than the accuser. “The police officer told me to rethink about reporting it. She said it was difficult to bring charges against a celebrity. “The prosecutor then called me, not him, in for questioning.” “I was humiliated, intimidated, and I started wondering if I had actually filed a case against an innocent person.” It took another three years before the shocking truth about the TV personality was presented to a judge.

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