A woman who lost her baby when she went into early labour due to unknowingly having contracted sexually transmitted infections (STI) has called for better screening.

Lauren, not her real name, said she had caught gonorrhoea and chlamydia from her husband but was only diagnosed after giving birth to her daughter prematurely at 18 weeks.

Currently, pregnant women are offered screening for three infectious diseases – hepatitis B, HIV and syphilis.

She said: “I lost my baby, I lost my marriage and I lost me.”

Lauren, from West Yorkshire, became pregnant last June and had no problems until she started getting “a bit of weird discharge”.

Doctors thought she had a urinary tract infection, but at 18 weeks her condition worsened to the point where the pain was “just horrendous”.

Lauren was in so much pain that her mum took her straight to hospital.

“They got a wheelchair and rushed me straight down to delivery, to a room that I now know is a bereavement room. When we got there, I just remember looking at my mum and saying why are we in here?”

Doctors told Lauren that they could not save the pregnancy and if she did not deliver her baby, she would die.

“She was born in her sac, alive, sucking her thumb, moving.

“She was fully breathing unaided and moving her arms and legs.

“They passed her to me and I said, ‘ you need to help her’ and they just said ‘we’re not allowed’.

“I then just had to sit and hold her until she passed away.”

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